Task force to probe illegal land allocation formed

LANDS deputy minister Davis Mwango says Government has established a taskforce on illegal land allocation and acquisition aimed at investigating irregularities.

Mr Mwango said the taskforce was also investigating Lusaka City

Council (LCC) officials who had been implicated in the illegal allocation of plots.

He warned in Parliament yesterday that the taskforce would  arrest anybody involved in illegal land allocation regardless of their political affiliation or status in society.

Mr Mwango said the ministry had at the same time mandated councils throughout Zambia to demolish all illegal structures that had been bu8ilt on illegally obtained land.

This was after Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo wanted to know whether Government was aware of a land owner suffered

physical injuries and subsequently died and was buried on October 4, while defending his piece of land from suspected party cadres in Lusaka West.

Mr Mwango said government was aware of reports that had been

circulating in the media.

He said the person in question died from natural causes as evidenced by the medical report.

Mr Mwango said Matero police had also opened investigations which revealed that the person in question was not actually the owner of the land in question.

The Mazabuka lawmaker also asked Mr Mwango what measures his ministry had taken to stop party cadres from allocating land illegally and what criteria was used to legalise land ownership that was originally acquired illegally.

In his response, Mr Mwango said the taskforce which had been established at the ministry of lands would adequately deal with anybody found wanting.

“Anybody who will be found allocating land illegally must stop with immediate effect or face arrest,” he said.

He warned that those building houses on illegally acquired land must stop.

Meanwhile Mafinga Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala said those were illegally selling land were PF cadres.

Ms Namugala challenged Government to come out in the open and tell the nation whether the council and the ministry of lands had failed to administer land.

But Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili, who opted to respond, told Ms Namugala that the people who were illegally allocating land were not PF members.

Mr Kambwili said the trend of illegally selling land started during the MMD regime, adding that Ms Namugala was not being fair to the PF government.

“It is not fair for Ms Namugala to blame this illegal sale of land on PF when it was MMD who started it and has continued with the same people who were in MMD then,” Mr Kambwili said.