Cosmo leaves for India

National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has finally left the country for India where he is accompanying his nephew for specialist treatment after a week of speculation about his whereabouts by some sections of the media.

Dr. Mumba left last evening aboard Emirates airline and is expected to be back next week. Earlier yesterday, Dr. Mumba held a media breakfast at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka where he expressed disappointment over what he termed as reckless reporting by the Post newspaper after the tabloid early this week that he had collapsed and had consequently been evacuated to India.

Dr. Mumba, who emerged from the gymn at the hotel shortly after 10:00hrs in the company of his body guards, told reporters that he will go ahead and sue the Post newspaper because the paper had gone too far in what he termed as a smear campaign against him.

“What did I do to the Post newspaper kanshi? Why are these guys always on my throat as if there was something wrong I did against them? Look at their story that they carried on Thursday about me. these guys went ahead with this story even when I made it clear on Wednesday that I was accompanying my nephew to India, not that I was sick.  “But because of the hatred they have for me, they have opted to continue scandalising me but I will sue them when I come back if that is what they want,” Dr. Mumba warned.

He said there was no person who would compel him from giving credit to government on the successes it had scored adding that scandalising him would not make him chicken down because he was a fighter and that he would continue doing what he knew to be better even if it meant that he would be unpopular in the eyes of his adversaries.

“President Edgar Lungu has tried his best to address the many challenges facing Zambians today. There is no person who does not have his own shortcomings and am not saying that he is perfect but always condemning the Head of State is not the best way to go. Am being targeted today because of my perceived association with President Lungu but the newspaper knows that what it is writing about me is false and that they are just lying,” he complained.