HH plots ministers’ downfall

THREE UPND members of Parliament who are ministers in the PF Government have protested their leader Hakainde Hichilema’s disparaging remarks in which he said they were enemies of their electorate.

The three, Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene, Livestock and Fisheries Minister Greyford Monde and Western Province minister Poniso Njeulu, told the Daily Nation yesterday that Mr. Hichilema will not go anywhere with his political bitterness because his stance on governance was retrogressive.

They were reacting to a statement by the UPND leader that the three parliamentarians will not be readopted by UPND in the forthcoming general elections because they had betrayed the party and the electorate in their constituencies.

Mr Hichilema told Radio Phoenix in Lusaka yesterday that the  three ministers would lose the 2016 elections because they were ‘‘no factors in the political landscape’’  of the country.

Reacting to Mr Hichilema’s scathing attack, Mr Monde said: “HH is a loser, he has lost so many opportunities to become president of Zambia because of not reading politics.

‘‘After the death of UPND founder, Anderson Mazoka, HH took over the leadership of UPND and when the party went into an election he lost to Mwanawasa (Levy).

‘‘And Levy asked him to work with him as his finance minister or vice president but HH refused. Mwanawasa picked Rupiah Banda who became Vice President till 2008 and became President of this country after the death of Mr. Mwanawasa.

‘‘HH would have been president if he was not self-centred. I also remember that in 2011, HH entered into a pact with the PF under President Sata and because of his self-centredness and failure to listen to others, he lost an opportunity to be in government as vice president to Mr. Sata.

‘‘HH would have been President of Zambia today if he wanted to work with other tribes and regions. He is still in the opposition because he doesn’t want to work with others,” he said.

Mr. Monde said he was not intimidated with non-adoption threats because Zambia was bigger than the UPND president and working with other regions was the only way the nation would develop.

“If anything HH should be proud that UPND MPs have been identified to have the capacity to contribute to national development. This was the only vehicle UPND could have contributed to the governance of the nation.

‘‘But look at the way they are antagonizing the people of Zambia? HH feels happy when he sees things not going on well for other people; he hates President Lungu and he has not yet accepted that President Lungu is President. ‘

‘‘I have to warn him that if he wants let him not adopt me, it is his party but that will not deter me to support the best candidate in that election,”  said Mr Monde who is MP for Itezhi-tezhi..

Mr. Siamunene, who is member of Parliament for Sianzongwe, said Mr. Hichilema was not a leader who could be trusted with power because his agenda was to fix his perceived political enemies.

“HH has no future in Zambian politics. What wrong have I done to accept the ministerial position in Government to contribute to the betterment of this country?

‘‘What wrong have I done to represent people of Sinazongwe and taking development to that area? What wrong have I done to work closely with the President now, Edgar Chagwa Lungu?” he asked. Mr Siamunene said Mr. Hichilema was bitter and giving him power would destroy the country’s strides to achieve national unity ‘‘which seems to be alien to him’’.

Mr. Hichilema, who described three MPs as enemies of the people, said the three ministers were not UPND members and the party should not be worried with them because they will not be readopted.

He said Mr. Monde, Mr. Siamunene and Mr. Njeulu would lose next year’s elections and that they were ‘‘no factors in the political landscape’’ of the country.

“Monde is not our MP, and he knows he is losing the elections. Siamunene and Njeulu the same. They will all lose next year’s elections, just wait and see.

‘‘They have betrayed the people of Zambia by working with a brutal regime. They are not our MPs. They are MPs on paper because PF is abusing the legal process,” Mr. Hichilema said

And Mr. Njeulu, who is Sinjembela member of Parliament, charged that greediness by the UPND leader had reduced his chances of forming government.

“This year, RB asked HH to support him and HH said he cannot support RB and if RB wanted he should support HH and would be considered for the position of vice president if HH won the elections.

‘‘That was total madness. HH has no respect for elderly people just like he demanded that President Sata should be his vice president,” Mr. Njeulu said.