MMD can save Zambia’s crisis, says Mumba


MMD is the only party that can save Zambians from the crisis the country has found itself into now because it has the experience, says party president Nevers Mumba.

In an interview, Dr. Mumba said the problems the country was facing were not new or strange to the MMD because when the MMD took over in 1991 from the UNIP government, the country was in a similar crisis.

He said it was therefore important for the people of Zambia to know that the former ruling party was the only organisation which had the capacity to save Zambia from its current economic and moral decay.

“Our colleagues in the Patriotic Front seem not to know how to resolve the problems this country is facing, obviously this is because they have taken a wrong route of not listening and if at all they are listening as they claim then they are using wrong ways to handle this crisis,”  Dr. Mumba said.

He said the major problem the PF have found themselves into was failure to accept that MMD was in Government and that they needed to offer comfort and hope for the belter future of the country.

Dr. Mumba said there was no need  for those in leadership to showing arrogance when it comes to offering solutions over what was happening in the nation.

“We are treated with discord by people in leadership, they think of themselves and nobody else. This is what led to MMD to lose power because we stopped listening to the people of Zambia. And it is important for the people in power to exercise good judgment by listening to what people were complaining about,” he said.

“As MMD we are tested and that is why the people of Zambia should look back and see what we achieved together on our way. Let the people of Zambia reflect on the kind of leadership the country has if it has a heart for the people,” he said.

Dr. Mumba said he was happy that the PF had realised that God and morality played a major role to the governance of the country.

“When we talked about the new hope MMD’s foundation anchored on Godliness and morality, many people said a lot of negative things about the MMD. But look, not too long ago today, President Edgar Lungu has realised that leadership is God given and we have to turn to God for wisdom and strength,” he said.

He said Zambia shall be saved soon, if people realise the need for a God fearing leader whose principals and way of governance would reflect God’s desire for human kind.