Mundas boast about population strength


GIVEN the population strength of the Mbunda people in Western Province, no venture that excludes their interest can succeed, says Mbunda loyalist Kennedy Mubanga.

He said this was the reason the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) resolution to secede from Zambia has gone nowhere despite the steam with which it started leaving the secession bid hanging in limbo to this day.

Mr Mubanga said it was unfair for the Government to have continued to concentrate its attention on the Lozis who have been offered high profile Government appointments to the total exclusion of the majority Mbunda.

He said the kind of injustice has had a negative bearing on the Mbunda’s perception of various activities as only the Lozis appeared to be enjoying in their high profile Government appointments.

Mr Mubanga alleged that it was the same agenda that had been used to fix and commit untold injustices against the Mbunda people in Western Province.

“Just recently, the Mbunda people celebrated our annual traditional ceremony known as Cheke which appears on the national calendar of annual traditional ceremonies at Mwene Chiyengele’s palace grounds in Limulunga district, and the ceremony took place without any single Government support as seen when other traditional ceremonies take place and the provincial permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba abandoned his station to Kaoma and attended an anniversary of Senior Chief Amukena of the Lozis, which event has no government recognition,” he said.

Mr Mubanga called on the Government to give equal treatment to all tribes that were indigenous in Western Province.   “We are demanding that Government should without any further delay recognize Mbunda chiefs, that is Mwene Mundu of Kalabo, Mwene Lindeho of Kalabo, Mwene Namulimbwa of Sikongo, Mwene Kasimba of Kaoma, Mwene Kasabi of Kaoma and Mwene Kandombwe of Lukulu who are ravaged with abject poverty due to lack of any form of support from the Government,” he said.


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  1. always crying like a baby this Mubanga. grow up and fight your own battles. GRZ is not interested in you. as for secession just. the priority now is to kick out the Lubosi and it will be game over. you make too much noise.

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