Youths tired of re-cycled politicians-YASD

YOUTHS are sick and tired of recycled (wamuyayaya) political leaders who have nothing to offer the country, says Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) programmes manager Zebedy Lukwesa.

Mr Lukwesa immediately challenged all opposition political parties to emulate the example set by President Edgar Lungu.

He said all opposition political parties needed to respect the democratic ideologies of their parties by allowing their members to challenge them for their positions rather than imposing themselves as sole party candidates without going for party elections.

Mr. Lukwesa wondered why people who failed to observe democracy at party level should aspire to rule the country.

He challenged the youths not to vote for any party that will hold a convention to elect leaders.

He said some parties had failed to go into government from the time they were formed because they were led by people who never inspired the Zambians by remaining at the helm of the party even when they had nothing to offer.

He noted that there was need for intra-party democracy to be enhanced if Zambia was to preserve its image as a democratic country where all its citizens were free to aspire to positions both at party and national level.

“Some of these leaders despite failing, still continue holding positions without being challenged and have failed to respect their party constitution and this is where our fears as youths lie,

“If they were given chance to rule this nation, how are they going to respect the republican constitution?” Mr. Lukwesa asked.

He said the current crop of opposition political leaders did not inspire the youths as old folks had taken politics as their livelihood and would not want to be challenged by young people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lukwesa has commended Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda for allocating K150 million towards youth empowerment programmes in the 2016 national budget.

He said this would go a long way in alleviating the economic hardships that the youths went through.