Mbundas, Lozi’s fight over throne


The Mbundas in Kalabo have disregarded the Barotse Royal Establishment-installed Chief Mwenemundu of Liumba and have instead recognised their own, a Mr Bunonge Kanyama, as the duly selected chief.

In a letter written to Western Province permanent secretary’s office, Mbunda Royal Establishment secretary Kennedy Mubanga said Mr Kanyama was the right chief according to the Mbunda customs and tradition that were performed.

He said the remaining rituals would be completed at the appearance of the new moon to make the final installation of Mr Kanyama to the throne of Mwenemundu.

“I therefore wish to remind the Government and all other interested parties that the selection and installation of Bunonge Kanyama as Chief Mwenemundu is in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia that establishes the institution of chiefs as provided for in Article 127 (1) which states that , “Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the Institution of Chief shall exist in any area of Zambia in accordance with the culture, customs and traditions or wishes and aspirations of the people to whom it applies,” the letter read in part.

Last week, confusion erupted in Kalabo district when Mr Likithi Kaunda who was installed as chief Mwenemundu of the Mbunda speaking people was removed from the throne for failure to adhere to traditional guidelines.

The Mbundas installed Induna Bunonge as Chief Mwenemundu of Kalabo district, claiming Mr Kaunda had failed to follow the traditional procedure, a development that had forced two different groups to clash, claiming Mr Kaunda was rightful chief to the throne.




2 thoughts on “Mbundas, Lozi’s fight over throne

  1. unresearched piece of story there. mboanjikana is the chieftainess of kalabo district. we know the agenda of this ex~jailbird Sakala and his daily nation. useless.

  2. Ku bu Lozi uku kuli ubwafya…. Ba Government bombeni inchito iyo yafika… The Government (Minister of Chiefs) please act quickly…What is happening to the chiefs is bad omen for the nation. Action should be now before the prayers on 18th October, 2015.
    I beg oooooohhh

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