‘Cartel to blame for economic ills’


THE cartel that held former president Michael Sata hostage and almost hijacked State power is largely responsible for the economic and political problems the country is going through.

According to Morgan Nyondo and Kennedy Chilekwa Mambwe Zambians should pray that God should expose the cartel to the extent that ordinary citizens should know who they were as the country went for general elections next year.

Nyondo and Mambwe said it was public knowledge that members of the cartel had built financial empires from illicit and fraudulently acquired money and were now scheming against President Edgar Lungu so that they could take over the reins of power.

They said the cartel had remained a danger to the governance of the country and that Zambians should use the national day of prayers, fasting and reconciliation to pray that the cartel was exposed for who they truly were.

They stated that the cartel had committed heinous economic and political crimes and their fear was that should Zambians extend President Lungu’s mandate to govern, he was going to decisively deal with them and obliterate their existence.   The two PF youths told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was their prayer the cartel would publicly be exposed before the 2016 general elections because some of the members were aspiring to take over the governance of the country.

They said Zambians had known the existence of the cartel in Government for a long time and that the clique had managed to manipulate two regimes and used state power to corruptly amass wealth  under the guise of fighting corruption. The duo explained that some of the challenges the country was going through were created by the cartel that had positioned itself to take over the country and wished late president Sata ill health in their evil desire to grabs state power.

“President Lungu has called for a national day of prayers, fasting and reconciliation and it is our prayer that Zambians will use the day to pray to God to expose the dangerous and notorious cartel that has been causing terror in Government and in the lives of ordinary Zambians. The cartel members have names and are known. They have previously manipulated presidents and used state power to corruptly amass wealth and have built empires. They are using their illicit and fraudulently acquired wealth to fight President Lungu.

Some of them have been wishing the Head of State ill health and we seek the face of God to protect our leader from this evil group of people,” Mr Nyondo said.

The two PF members said the cartel had managed to sow the seed of hatred, vengeance, retribution and political persecution and that it was their prayer that Zambia should be protected from the fangs of the evil clique.

Mr Nyondo and Mr Mambwe said God was not going to allow the cartel to sabotage President Lungu’s efforts to govern and turn around the lives of Zambians.

“Zambians are pretending about a lot of things and up to now, the death of late president Sata has remained a mystery. Zambians have been asking how late president Sata’s health deteriorated so fast when he was so healthy and fit when he was sworn in as Zambia’s fifth president.

While we have no right to demand to know why president Sata’s health deteriorated so fast, we are prayerful that one day God is going to let us know what happened,” Mr Nyondo said.