National prayers unsettle evil doers

CALLS for a day of national prayer and fasting by President Edgar Lungu has upset evil altars, says Patriotic Front media and publicity committee deputy chairperson Sunday Chanda.

Mr Chanda said the prayer call had provoked and shaken evil altars  of those in witchcraft and Satanism. In a statement made available to the Daily Nation, Mr. Chanda said it was shocking that President Edgar Lungu’s call for a day of national prayers could so upset political leaders and other individuals.

“On this day, Zambians from all walks of life will get together to ask God to heal the nation and allow it to rise above the challenges in our land. The country is aware that President Lungu has been fought and opposed by forces of evil and their agents, for calling the nation to prayer,” he said.

Mr. Chanda urged the nation to pray against any evil authority over Zambia and declare that Zambia shall be ruled by men and women who had the fear for God and His people.

He said it was strange that there were opposition leaders who had opposed the prayers, warning that Zambians must keep their eyes open because some men and women had arisen whose evil agenda was to dilute the place of God in the nation.

“We wish to reaffirm that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu means well in his call for a Day of National Prayer and Fasting which falls on the 18th October 2015.

‘‘It is also humbling that the respective church mother bodies have come on board to lead the nation into this solemn occasion in the life of Zambia,” said Mr. Chanda.

He said it was a door for the church to reclaim its prophetic voice in the life of the nation, adding that it was not an attempt at contesting for delusional self-righteousness. It was a solemn and sacred opportunity for Zambia to go before God.

He said the PF leadership would not reduce the important prayers into a political issue and wished to call on all Zambians to do the same.