Post shooting probe must be concluded


THE Zambia Police should expedite investigations into the recent shooting at the Post newspaper offices and establish what transpired because the incident which the newspaper has linked President to Edgar Lungu of being responsible, Patriotic Front (PF) member of central committee Frank Bwalya has said.

But Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the investigations into the shooting at the Post newspaper were almost concluded and that the police were working on consolidating the report on the matter.

Fr Bwalya said the PF was aware that the Post Newspaper had caused to be published two stories in which it was alleged that President Lungu was behind the shooting at the newspaper’s newsroom.

Fr Bwalya said the allegations that President Lungu was responsible for the shooting incident was highly defamatory and it was therefore important for the police to quickly conclude their investigations into the matter so that the name of the President could be cleared.

He told the Daily Nation that the general public was eagerly waiting for the speedy conclusion of the investigations because the newspaper had accused President Lungu of having masterminded the shooting.

“The police must expedite their investigations into the shooting incidence at the Post newspaper so that the truth could be established and be known. As you know, the Post newspaper published two stories and in their insinuations linked President Lungu to the shooting. The allegations against President Lungu are highly defamatory and the general public is eagerly waiting for the results of the investigations to know the truth of what happened,” Bwalya said.

“Even if the investigations are concluded, the police should hold a media briefing to inform the nation about their findings.

But the police said investigations had almost been concluded and that the nation would soon be informed about what could have transpired at the Post newspaper.

Lusaka Province Police commissioner said she was waiting for a consolidated report which she latter forward to her superiors stating that she was not going to state from where the report was coming because that would be divulging too much information.

She said there were various stages of investigations starting with preliminary probes and that as soon as the report would be completed, the nation would be informed.

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