Todays Text Messages

Cartel implants


President Lungu has inherited a system created by the cartel and the sooner he gets rid of them the better, otherwise such embarrassments as the one seen through the RB appeal debacle will continue. The cartel used  President Sata to entrench themselves and that is why they can steal Government documents with ease. The sooner the Government gets rid of them the better for governance.





ACC being used to

fight RB 


The ACC is being used by the cartel to fight RB. How do you appeal a case after four months when the law stipulates 30 days? The cartel knows such appeal cases are not going anywhere so they want to make things look like the PF Government has an invisible hand in it. This is desperation of the worst sort. It is an admission that the cartel has lost the battle and Lungu’s adherence to righteous principles in fighting it is vindicated.




         No smoke without fire


Bravo to Bishop Chomba, what he told the nation is now coming to pass. There is no smoke without fire. Giving conditions before attending the national day of prayer, fasting and reconciliation is just a scapegoat.

DC, Lusaka




Ex-first ladies’ charity

work must continue


Why do former first ladies in Zambia stop their work when they are no longer in State House? Am of the view that for Zambia to develop first ladies should continue with their good work they started even if their husbands are no longer heads of State. Where are the resources channeled to? Why should the poor and the sick be left in a dilemma when they had hope? May the authorities look into this.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka





ACC double standards


The ACC is serving the interest of the cartel. They run quickly to prosecute PF public officials but very slow to arrest one politician’s bodyguard for attempted murder. This is an embarrassment to Lungu-led regime. The President must dissolve this commission because it is just a liability to the State. It is working like the mouthpiece of the opposition.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe




Grand Coalition too rigid


This is for Mr Chipenzi and his team. Probably no one of you has ever sat on a negotiation table. There is a golden rule known as “give and take” which I have observed is missing in your Grand Coalition. I doubt very much if you ever achieve what you want. Rigidity leads to a deadlock, which everybody knows the Government has come out of by taking a different route on the adoption of the Constitution. It is up to you to wake up and start moving in tandem with the Government.

Micky, Lusaka





Spread your wings,

Daily Nation


The Daily Nation is doing a good job by giving us balanced news. You should continue with the good work and make sure your paper is sent to all parts of the country so that those in the rural areas are also informed.

Maureen, Chongwe





Some media houses up to no good


It is a fact that some media bosses and some opposition leaders are sadists and economic saboteurs. The earlier our Government realizes the better for Zambia. These people cannot hold us hostage in our own country as if we don’t think to allow them to continue on the path of destroying our country with impunity in the name of freedom of speech.

Concerned citizen