Kaingu cries foul

“MY lodge was burnt by tribalists and political opponents who have been scheming to bring me down because they are not happy that I am working with the Patriotic Front (PF) Government,” MMD Mwandi member of Parliament Michael Kaingu has said.

Dr Kaingu, who is Higher Education Minister, said his enemies in Southern Province should know that he would not go down alone because he employed their relatives who are now jobless.

He was commenting on the burning of his Kozo Lodge in Choma last week, Mr. Kaingu said his lodge was burnt by his political adversaries and tribalists in Choma who were now happy that his business had grounded to a halt without realising the financial implication of the 55 employees who worked for him.

He said it was shameful that some people could be so wicked simply because one was working with the ruling Government and wondered why some Zambians still believed in the notion that one could only invest in his own province.

“What happened in Choma is very shameful. This was conducted by people who are purely motivated by tribalism and politics to bring me down. It looks like some people collaborated to torch other structures because it is not possible that all the 40 structures could be burnt at the same time because they were not close to each other. It looks like when one structure was burnt, some people took advantage of the confusion and started burning other structures,” the visibly annoyed Mr Kaingu said.

He explained that there were celebrations in Choma the same day the lodge was gutted because the people were not happy that he was working with the PF government.

“This Zambia is for all of us and no one should be told where to settle. What happened was sad because I hear that there were celebrations in Choma and people were heard saying “twamukonzya mu Lozi ooyu (we have dealt with this Lozi chap)! This is so painful that an investments of over K15 million which we have safe-guarded for 18 years can go just like that because Kaingu is a politician?

“I have worked slowly but surely for all these years for that investment to be where it was, with my two ladies only for some people to come and burn it. They have finished me; they wanted me to go down. Yes I will go down but I will not go down alone because I will go with their relatives whom I employed. I had 55 employees who were working for me but they are now jobless,” Mr. Kaingu complained.

He said police had instituted investigations to ascertain what had happened so that perpetrators could be brought to book.

“We reported the matter to police and they are investigating the issue but for me, am very sure that people burnt down that facility because they hate me; because am not Tonga and am working with the PF Governmnet. We are only lucky that there were no guests at the time the lodge was gutted because they had checked out in the morning,” he said.

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