Chew GBM’s money but…



PEOPLE of Kasama should accept Geoffrey Mwamba’s gifts and chew his money since he has offered it to them on a silver platter but should also remember to do a don’t kubeba on him because money has gotten to his head Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama has charged.

And Mr. Chama has claimed that cracks in the United Party for National Development (UPND) have emerged after senior members become aware of Mr. Mwamba’s schemes to allegedly take over the party leadership if its president Hakainde Hichilema loses the 2016 elections.

Reacting to Mr. Mwamba’s comment that the Kasama Central by-election would be the most expensive in the history of Zambia as he was willing to spend whatever amount of money was at his disposal to retain his seat, Mr. Chama said the electorate in Kasama should accept the gifts from Mr. Mwamba with both hands.

Mr Mwamba said he was ready to spend money like he did in the Kabwata parliamentary election in 2006 which he however lost to Mr Given Lubinda who is still the incumbent and Minister of Agriculture.

“I am more than ready I will match them dollar for dollar, pound for pound, Kwacha for Kwacha , chitenge for chitenge and bicycle for bicycle,” Mr Mwamba who was reacting to the High Court’s declaration of his seat  vacant warned.

On Thursday, Mr Mwamba lost an application for judicial review in the High Court over Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini’s decision to declare Kasama Central constituency vacant.

But Mr Chama  said it was time to teach some politicians a lesson that money was not everything to win an election.

“We welcome Mr. Mwamba’s call to the feast and since he is ready to spend, let the people of Kasama enjoy themselves; chew his money and get all the gifts he wants to lure you for votes with but don’t forget to do a don’t kubeba on him when election time comes,” he said.

He said Mr. Mwamba will never learn from history because he was obsessed with money which he thought could make Zambians surrender their souls to him.

“Mr. Mwamba’s money has gotten to his head and he has stopped thinking properly and that is why he is taking Zambians for a ride.  This is the same thing he did in Kabwata when he stood against Honourable (Given) Lubinda where he said he would spend about K3 billion (unrebased) but he lost to a candidate who did not have money.

“He now thinks he is popular but he forgets that it was PF that made him to be what he is today because he thinks money is everything. PF has never won elections using money but we have been issue-based and that is what has won us the elections. So, let him spend; let him feed the people but he will be surprised,” he said.

Mr Chama said Mr. Mwamba should not cheat himself that he could win in Kasama because he was headed for an embarrassing defeating as people had rejected him after realising that he could not be trusted because of his disregard for the electorate.

“Ask people in Kasama to tell you the truth on the ground because Mr. Mwamba is no longer a factor he used to be when he was in PF under which he gained the popularity that he is boasting about today,” Mr. Chama said.

He wondered why Mr. Mwamba rushed to the courts for protection when on the other hand he was boasting about being popular.

“If he is popular as he claims, what was the motive behind rushing to court to protect himself? If he is popular, why is he desperate to spend all that amount of money? Our message has always been clear; we don’t win elections using money because you cannot buy voters. We are issue based and that is what ushered us into power against a very strong ruling party that had money at its disposal in 2011,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chama has observed that Mr. Mwamba was a good ambassador for the PF because he had successfully managed to sow a seed of discontentment among UPND faithfuls who were now agitated by his bullish antics as he was positioning himself to takeover when Mr. Hichilema loses in 2016 by plotting its downfall.

“We have inside information that there are already confusions in UPND because Mr. Hichilema is agitated that Mr. Mwamba, who is the newcomer to the party is scheming to take over the party leadership when he loses in 2016. So, he is a good ambassador for us,” he said.