Chief leads campaign on girl child education


Chief Sinadabwe of the Tonga people in Siavonga district has called on his fellow chiefs and their subjects in the country to  promote girl child education without relying on other organizations and Government.

The traditional leader said it was the duty of the community together with the chiefs to make sure that girl child education was improved.

“As traditional leaders we need to find ways to encourage our girls to go to school and finish their education. We should not only wait for other organisations and Government to tell us that but we should realize our roles and help.

“As a community we should sit down and come up with ways and strategies that can help keep girls in school,” said the chief.

He said as a chief together with other chiefs in his area they have put in place by-laws that are being followed by the people there.

“We have (traditional) by-laws in place where parents who discourage girls to go to school or force them into early marriage are punished by paying goats, cows and chickens, and this has seen most parents complying,”  Chief Sinadabwe said.

He expressed happiness over the improvement in the enrolment of girls at primary school level and the pass rate which was encouraging.

“It is so pleasing to see more girls in school and I hope to see more girls being enrolled. I am also happy that the pass rate for Grade 7 pupils keeps improving every year,” he said.

The chief also noted that women groups play a vital role and together with the community they have helped several girls in the area.

“We have several mother groups which have seen most girls staying in school, because people here have now realised the importance of education to a girl child,” he said.

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