President Lungu has urged Zambians to ask God to remove from their hearts pride of opinion which often compells people to continue in the wrong for the sake of being consistent and the desire to be applauded by men rather than by God.

He said Zambians should humbly unite in confessing their individual and national sins with a deep sense of shame, repentant sorrow and deep reverence as they observe the national day of prayers today.

President Lungu said Zambians should seek God to restore the friendship and goodwill which prevailed among the people in the past years in all the provinces and tribes.

He said this was the time for Zambians to seek the face of God so that He could save them from the horrors of tribalism and disunity, vices that were causing divisions among Zambians.

In a statement released by Secretary to Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska yesterday, President Lungu prayed that God would hear Zambians in their prayers as he did in the past so that the country’s peace, freedom and unity could be preserved.

Dr Msiska said in view of President Lungu’s proclamation of national day of prayer, all citizens had been called upon to spend time in prayer and fasting at their places of worship.

Government has acquired land in Lusaka for the construction of a National House of Prayer and President Lungu will on 25th October lay a foundation stone at the site and the Head of State is going to make a major pronouncement about his personal faith and that of the nation.   The proclamation of the national day of prayers by President Lungu is not unique to Zambia as greater nations such as the United States of America has had such a day for many years.