Stingy HIV positive husband Divorced

A  LUSAKA housewife told a local court that she could not continue in marriage with her husband because he is stingy and HIV positive.

This was in a case in which Melody Mulomboi, 23, of Kanyama West compound sued her husband, Sitali Kasweka, 30, a security guard of Garden House compound for divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and have one child. Dowry was paid.

Mulomboi told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrate Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that she got sick in 2013, but Kasweka did not care for her as she went to the clinic on her own.

She explained that even the doctor who was treating her wondered why she was coming to the clinic alone in her state of health.

When she complained Kasweka beat her together her child from her first marriage.

Mulomboi further stated that when she asked Kasweka for the money for her X-ray he refused to give her because he was saving money for his deriving licence.

“I went to get the money from my parents to do an X-ray but when I came back Kasweka said that I was from prostitution.  My mother helped me to recover because I was not standing on my own,

“I have been at my mother’s place for three months. Kasweka is HIV  positive and I am negative; he did not care for me but I loved him even if he is sick. He can’t buy me clothes; it is my mother who buys everything including my underwear, she said.

In cross-examination, Mulomboi said that she went to her mother because she was sick.

Asked by the court if they made love, Mulomboi admitted doing so with the use of condoms but  that she could not continue in marriage with Kasweka because he was HIV positive.

In defence, Kasweka said that all was well even when he was found to be HIV positive but after Mulomboi went to her mother things changed.

He explained that he was surprised to receive summons from Mulomboi when his uncle had asked if they could sit to resolve the matter.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri said that Mulomboi wanted to divorce Kasweka because he was HIV positive while she was negative.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Kasweka to be maintaining Mulomboi  with  monthly payments of K200 for 12 months but if she remarried within that period he should stop paying her.