Wife forgives hard drinking hubby after promising to change

THERE was cheering at a Local Court in Lusaka when a man went to his wife’s dock and begged her to forgive him for being cruel to her and promised to stop drinking beer.

The wife forgave him and  the two hugged.

It all happened at Kanyama Local Court in a case in which Bernadette Chibwaya, of Garden House compound sued her husband, Boniface Banda, 45, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2004 and have four children. Dowry was paid.

Chibwaya told Senior Court Magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Magistrate Daniel Phiri that all was well until 2006 when Banda started drinking beer because whenever he was drunk he beat her, adding that  at one point she sustained injury on an eye.

She explained that Banda left K1 fo0r home upkeep and if he found that there was no food at home he would beat her. He always told her that he admired a neighbour who is a widow.

Chibwaya said that last week Banda pulled her hair and mercilessly beat her up until she became unconscious. Police once detained him but he has failed to change.

In defence, Banda said that problems started when Chibwaya started doing business in town because she could come home at 19.00 hours and that when he asked her she blame her home late coming on traffic in  town.

He explained that they fought recently because Chibwaya did not receive parcels when he arrived home.

Banda admitted that the major problem was beer because a small issue will grow into a bigger one.

Asked by the court the last time they made love, Banda said that they made love last month because Chibwaya would go to her mother for two months and came home just for a day.

But Chibwaya said that she was not happy because Banda came home very drunk and wet.

Once when they were making love he told her that may be she had a man who made love to her fast after she told him that she had sores on her private parts.

In submission, Chibwaya said that she wanted to divorce Banda because she has injury on her eye and feared he could kill her. But Banda said that he wanted to reconcile with his wife.

It was at this point that the court asked Banda to beg Chibwaya to forgive him and that from that day he would not beat her beating.

He was asked to promise his wife to stop drinking beer as people cheered and Chibwaya forgave Banda.

Magistrate Ackim Phiri warned Banda to change  for better and that if he

failed to do so, Chibwaya was free to come to court on November 4.