Hear this Nawakwi: President Lungu does not need sympathy votes


Each time that woman Edith Nawakwi opens her mouths it is insults oozing which is a big disgrace for a person vying for State House.

And it is no wonder God has said NO to her. So the only succour for her lies in insults which will result in her distancing herself further from God and eventually end up in the political abyss.

Aah for me Edith I am shifting camp to Kasama soon to chew GBM’s money but vote wisely.

You tell Zambians to forget about their empty stomachs after you come to Mtendere compound with a filled up belly because you are a millionaire (if not billionaire) who owns probably the biggest tomato farm in Zambia?

You are the same politicians who steal from us and ran away only to re-appear during elections.

As for me I will not hesitate to jump on your money during elections because it seems that is the only time you want to pay back your voters.

Again let me also make one thing copiously clear. You can insult all year through, you will NEVER get into State House because it is not meant for people like you.

Those who sow insult will assuredly reap insults.

So for all our opposition leaders who have grown a wicked habit of insulting the Head of State and his government instead of turning to constructive criticism, God will judge you.

Timothy Chanda,