No change of Govt-Chief Chisunka


ZAMBIANS should not be tempted to change Government for the sake of it because the effect of such an act has the capacity not only to stagnate the social and economic development but can also negate the achievements the country has so far recorded, Chief Chisunka of the Ushi people in Mansa has advised.

Chief Chisunka said the performance of a political party in Government could not be judged in its first term of office as gestation of policies and development programmes were often not short term.

The traditional leader said this when Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba paid a courtesy call on him at his palace yesterday.

Chief Chisunka told Mr Kalaba that the people in his chiefdom were appreciating what Government was doing and that he was sensitizing his subjects on the value and importance of voting for correct and committed leaders.

Chief Chisunka observed that there was a risk that the current development programmes could be halted and abandoned if there was a change in Government.

He said countries in the world were developing because of consistency in leadership.

The traditional leader also said the E-Voucher system which President Edgar Lungu commissioned recently was an excellent idea of helping rural farmers to easily access farm inputs.

The chief said the E-Voucher system would also instil fiscal discipline among the farmers because accessing cash from Government often encouraged farmers to spend their money on unplanned projects.

The traditional leader also appealed to Government to reconsider its decision to reduce the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) stating that Luapula Province unlike other provinces largely depended on agriculture.

He said agriculture was the major employer of many in the region and that the reduction of the FISP programme was going to affect the viability of farming in the region.

And Mr Kalaba said it was important for voters to know the dangers of changing governments every five years, stating that the PF had only started implementing its manifesto and its full success could not be determined within five years.

Mr Kalaba said it was not going to help Zambians if they allowed themselves to change Government in next year’s general elections.

“I have come to check on the voter registration exercise.

President Lungu has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Vive-President to deal with the challenges in the voter registration exercise. Above that, it will not help Zambians to change government next year. There is need for consistency in Government if the country’s economy was to continue with its steady growth,” Mr Kalaba said.

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  1. You are a wise Chief my Chief.
    Support the government of the day always…
    Thank you JESUS…

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