Post must be taken to court

The Post released a false figure of the national budget a day before it was presented in Parliament.

Dousing themselves with the same aim of mocking the Lungu-led policies in form of leakages, that publication proved to be a ridiculous fakery, an empty lie and a fraud.

We normally tap words of advice from the editorial comments of major newspapers.

The media is the fourth estate and plays a key role in the dispensation of democracy in the nation.

It is a means of offering checks and balances to curb abuse of power by those in elected positions.

However the editorial comments of the Post newspaper these days are nothing but loquacious, long-winded, lifeless, cold and dry statements bereft of wisdom.

It advances personal hatred and bitter resentments of the writer. Whatever is written it is not meant to help the nation at large. It is meant to insult, humiliate, belittle the current President of the Republic of Zambia. This is clearly an abuse of media freedom. It must be regulated by the State.

I also urge those who are misquoted to take the Post newspaper to court to clear their names.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe.