Rural women warned against dependency syndrome

 Women in rural areas have remained in poverty stricken state because they have continued with the dependency syndrome, North-western Province rural women’s committee chairperson Ireen Milezhi has said.

Speaking during the commemoration of the World International Rural Women’s day at Kasapa, Ms Milezhi  said women should discard the dependency syndrome  on men  to provide for all their financial needs.

“Don’t wait for your husband to come and work for you to provide for all your needs, begin working hard for yourselves regardless of  whether you have a husband or not,” she said.

She said women should be able to contribute to their family incomes and the nation at large if they  take up the challenge.

Ms Milezhi said gone are the days when women were always expecting to be provided for by men. She said women should take advantage of their different skills to create wealth for their families.

“The women are vest with various skills such as knitting, plaiting of hair, cooking and even farming can be done by women,” Ms Milezhi said.

She said women should take advantage of the programmes put in place by Government to empower women.

Ms Milezhi said women should work with men and among themselves to exchange ideas and venture into various businesses.

She urged women in rural areas to strongly oppose the scourge of early marriages which have remained high in the province.

And Kalilele Ward Councillor Andrew Kalengwa said supporting rural women remained important to government as it aims at reducing poverty.

He commended the women at Kasapa for demonstrating how women in rural parts of Zambia are standing up to voice out the challenges they are facing.

“The various challenges have cause most women to give up the fight against abject poverty, however the resilience and hard work shown by the women at Kasapa is encouraging,” he said.

Mr Kalengwa  reiterated government’s commitment to uplifting the lives of the rural women through various programmes.

The Rural Women’s Day was celebrated under the theme ‘Rural Women our Future’