ZCID call for inter-party dialogue..

President Edgar Lungu has been asket to call for an inter-party dialogue meeting after Sunday’s prayer and fasting, the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) Executive Director Horance Chilando has suggested.

Mr Chilando said President Lungu should take further step in terms of reconciliation by calling for an interparty dialogue among political players.

He said the dialogue would help bring about reconciliation among political parties and find lasting solutions to the current challenges that the country was facing.

“We are praying that even after this national supplication and commitment, we will see a lot of more willingness on the part of all the stakeholders to end things on a negotiating table and find a way forward for the country. Those that are in authority should humble themselves enough to extend the hand of invitation to those who feel they’ve been left out and those also who are on the other side must also humble themselves to accept their situation and their place and also cooperate” Mr. Chilando said.

Mr. Chilando emphasised that there was need for political players to sit and find solutions to the current economic challenges.

He said the country’s challenges could only be solved if political leaders united and shared ideas on how to overcome the challenges.

“The difficulties that we have now as a nation can only be solved if the political leaders sit together and share ideas,” he said.

Mr. Chilando disclosed that his organisation was also organising an Inter-party dialogue training workshop which would bring all political parties together to discuss different issues affecting the nation.

“ZCID is a platform for inter-party dialogues and we promote that, we are working on an inter-party dialogue workshop next month, which we hope to see participation of all political parties,” he said.