HH has missed an opportunity


I was shocked to see UPND president HH at St. Ignatius catholic church when he is a Seventh Day Adventist. The interenominational service was at the show grounds where he should have been.

Zambians have very long memories and will remember that he refused to attend a national service to avoid meeting other political leaders including President Edgar Lungu. This show of intransigence has sent a very clear message to the electorate that HH is not a team player- not even when it comes to national matters.

If he could not step into the hallowed ground of prayer where all other mortals gathered what hope is there that he will conduct himself in a democratic and understanding manner responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people. By going to St Ignatius to secure some publicity from his media HH missed an opportunity to show magnanimity, love and compromise.

In the end the effort the party was making to show accommodation by conceding to pray, has all gone to waste. The people will remember that this was a party that refused to pray with the nation in time of need.

Conrad Mambwe.