I am not jealous of Kalu – Simaata


Sir, Please indulge me my right of reply request to respond to comments that appeared in your letters column early last week under the headline “Simataa and Great Kalu”.

I would have quite happily let this one ride had it not been for the very personal tone and nature of the attack on me by the author.  I am further disappointed that a well-respected newspaper like The Daily Nation would allow itself to be used by people looking for a platform to traduce others for no good reason.

In his overzealousness to try to ridicule me, the author of the letter completely overlooks the main point of my letter to Fifa; which was to draw the federation’s attention to the fact that allegations of corruption over which many of its ranking officials were under suspension or facing legal action also touched officials in Zambian football and other FIFA affiliate member states.  Allegations against Kalusha having received cash from a former FIFA vice president are nothing new.

Nor the fact that he is or has been the subject  of an investigation by Zambian authorities as a result of those same reports.  I don’t know how my raising these issues with FIFA makes me jealous or malicious but then again, Zambia is a nation rich in self-employed praise-singers who are quite happy to disengage their common-sense and personal integrity to champion any cause…

Simaata Simaata.

One thought on “I am not jealous of Kalu – Simaata

  1. oh yes you are. it’s not like you conducted your own investigations and dug up the dirt. as you rightly point out, it’s public ( or international) knowledge that it is aledged that kalu recieved a bribe, that’s why the inept acc started their investigations. so if it is common knowledge, why did you think you needed to inform fifa about it? you think they don’t know? unulomo nabwaume.

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