Women urged to lead own empowerment drive


WOMEN should be more concerned about being empowered so they can stand on their own than expecting others to do it for them, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) has said.  

YWCA national chairperson Lucy Lungu noted that there was need for women to stop being dependent on men and take empowerment issues seriously.

Ms Lungu said Government and other organisations aimed at empowering women could only take action if women themselves showed interest in being empowered.

“It’s time women showed the world that they are willing to be empowered; they need to change their mindset of being dependent and learn to stand for themselves as women,” she said.

Ms. Lungu stated that it was time for women ‘‘to pick the tools with their power of influence and participate actively in making change’’.

Mr Lungu also urged women to take the mantle and participate actively in decision-making organs such as education.

She said women participation in education would encourage their children and motivate even the illiterate mothers to go for adult education.

“This would make them gain the ownership of education process; they would feel empowered and confident in contributing to education matters of their children and also motivate illiterate mothers to go to school,” .

She observed that when the education standard of a given community was improved, that community would be able to develop holistically, becoming socially, economically and politically empowered.

She said women had a pivotal role to play in the education of their children, stressing that if women showed interest in getting an education themselves, their children would be encouraged too.

“You will agree with me that it is easy to bend a tree when it’s small than when it’s fully grown. Women need to participate actively and effectively in our children’s education by leading by example.

‘‘Let us try our best to show them the way while they are young than condemning the situation once it’s out of hand. Nothing good comes for free, we must work for it,” she said.