Kitwe mayor in land scam

KITWE Mayor Kelvin Sinyangwe has been implicated in an illegal sale of land by a Kitwe resident who allege she gave the city father K17, 000 for a piece of land in Chamboli township.

But Mr Sinyangwe has denied ever involving himself  in the sale of land.

The Kitwe resident, only identified as Ms Nankolongo of Buchi Township wept as she walked out of the Mayor’s office and vowed that she would take the matter to court so that the civic leader could face the wrath of the law.

Ms Nankolongo told the Daily Nation at the Kitwe Civic Centre yesterday that she gave Mr Sinyangwe K17,000 for a plot in



Chamboli, but after carrying out construction works to the shoulder level, somebody else claimed ownership of the plot.

“When somebody came to claim ownership of the plot, the mayor did not say anything to show me that he gave me a genuine plot, but instead he has just been dilly-dallying. When I ask him to give me back my money, he can’t.

“Ni Mayor washani uwakulila abantu impiya? Nalibapela K17,000 iya plot. Elo Bampele plot ku Chamboli na tampa no ku kula, elo nomba naishile mona umuntu aisa umbi ati Te plot yandi.

(What kind of Mayor is this who swindles people? I gave him K17,000 for a plot and he gave me a plot in Chamboli. I started building a house and then somebody came who claimed to be the owner of the plot).

“Nga na bepusha ba Mayor tabalandapo Nanguchimo. Nomba ine teti bandile impiya awe, Nga bali belela ukulila abantu impiya ine awe. Nalaya ku court

(When I ask the mayor which direction to go, he can’t tell me anything. He can’t swindle me out of my money. K17, 000 is a lot of money, I will go to court,” said Nankolongo between sobs.

But Mr Sinyangwe denied ever geeting involved in the sale of land in Kitwe.

He blamed the Land agents who he said were swindling people.

He, however, promised to sort out the problem of the residents who were swindled.

“No, these allegations are not true. It is actually the land agents who are swindling people, not me, am not involved in the illegal sale of land.

We are now trying to see how we can sort out the problem of the residents who were swindled,” Mr Sinyangwe said.

Some Kitwe residents who have been swindled told the Daily Nation that some council officials having been working with some Agents at City Square (formerly Kaunda Square) to swindle residents who were in desperate need for