Zambia acts on Climate Change


THE United Nations (UN) has praised Zambia for submitting its voluntary target for reducing carbon emissions ahead of the summit for Climate Change to be held in France aimed at preparing its new strategy for tackling deforestation.

UN resident coordinator Janet Rogan said because of Zambia’s commitment to curbing climate change, the UN would support the Government in its quest to address the challenge of environmental degradation.

Ms. Rogan was speaking on Tuesday night during the UN Day Reception to celebrate 70 years of the organisation’s existence in Lusaka.

She noted that deforestation had not spared any country and that there was need for countries to act together to make tremendous strides in addressing the problem.

“No one should be left behind because the environment in which we live has been ruined by deforestation or industrial pollution. In a few weeks, world leaders will come together again, in Paris, France, for the Climate Change summit (COP21) that will set the global agenda on environmental and climate change issues for the next 15 years.

“I would like to congratulate Zambia for submitting its voluntary target for reducing carbon emissions ahead of the summit and preparing its new strategy for tackling deforestation. The UN in Zambia is strongly supporting the Government in this work,” Ms. Rogan said.

She said she was happy to see a good relationship between the Zambian Government and the UN in tackling the climate change challenge, adding that the UN was also willing to partner with the Government in transforming the country.

“I am happy to say there is a strong relationship between the UN in Zambia and the Government and the people of Zambia and we look forward to transforming Zambia together under oura new Zambia-United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership Framework,” she said.

And State House deputy minister Mulenga Sata said Zambia was proud to be a long-standing member of the UN and that the country was happy that the UN had continued to support it in ending poverty and increasing access to quality services.

“Zambia is proud to be a long-standing member and supporter of the UN. In this regard, we wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the development support we have been receiving from the UN and the continued collaboration between us.

The UN supports the Government and people of Zambia in our efforts to realise the long-term national vision of 2030.

“The UN has continued to assist Zambia in ending extreme poverty, scaling up response to the HIV pandemic, increasing equitable access to quality services, and realising the potential of girls and women through various gender quality interventions, among others,” Mr. Sata said.

He also said Government appreciated the assistance received in improving access to sustainable livelihoods and food security as well as assistance in developing institutional capacities for managing livelihoods from the risks of climate change, disasters, and environmental degradation.