Namugala condemns appetite for foreign goods


THE appetite for foreign goods and services by Zambians should be curtailed if local industries are to flourish, says Mafinga MMD Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala.

Ms Namugala said the move would also go a long way in stabilizing the rate of exchange.

She told Parliament yesterday that local industries were suffering especially during this time of economic challenges because Zambians preferred foreign goods and services to local ones.

She said that there was need for Zambians to change their attitude and turn to consumption of local products because they were denying the country chance to grow local industries and earn the much-needed foreign exchange.

Ms Namugala said Zambians should be proud of locally produced goods and services to boost the economy.

She said the weakening of the Kwacha to some extent could be blamed on Zambians’ preference for foreign products as most of the local goods did not have market within Zambia. Ms Namugala suggested that parliamentarians should be allowed at certain intervals to go to Parliament in locally produced traditional outfits to serve as an example of the need to embrace local products so as to make Zambian industries viable.