Todays Text Messages

Lungu spot on over October 18 declaration


Lungu’s October 18 declaration has blessings. May God bless Mr Lungu for the decision he made in declaring 18th October as a day of national prayer. He has set a good example to us especially the young ones. He knows that it is only the Almighty Father who can heal our land, long live Mr President.

Prudence Mbulo, Lusaka.


Harrington right over clamping of vehicles by LCC  


Harrington is right, LCC is always doing things wrongly. All the parking space in the city has been taken up by illegal car dealers and vendors. Let LCC clean up the city first instead of exposing their ineptitude.




D/ministers should not attend Cabinet meetings


Deputy ministers attending cabinet meetings is uncalled for. Surely the constitution is very clear. Opposition leaders should be talking about such things instead of politicking on prayers. Money is wasted on these deputy ministers when people are suffering.

BVM, Lusaka.


Govt should curb budgetary deficits


The PF Government should reduce the deficit to not more than 2 percent to stabilize the economy. Deficits of 7 percent for the last budget are way too excessive. It is inflationary and no wonder the kwacha is not doing well. In 2008 we had a global crunch but it passed without much trouble because fiscal policy was prudent at that time. High deficits are usually bad especially if the extra liquidity is spent on consumption. The finance minister needs to tone down on this.

Chris, Lusaka.


Take voter registration



Let us register as voters because only our vote can change our lives. We should continue going in numbers and register. That vote can change the lives of many Zambians. It is high time we took this exercise very seriously. Therefore if you have never voted in your life, think twice and be a voter because that is the only way we can decide the future of our great country. Let us unite and move the right way forward.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka.


Govt critics challenged


I would like through your paper to urge Government to invite all those criticizing its leadership on the challenges the country is facing to help find lasting solutions. Government through the President has from time to time said doors are open to solution providers but no one has offered anything apart from talking on radios and in some newspapers. It will be during this same meeting that they are going to show citizens that they can make good leaders. By not doing so we shall doubt them.



HH lacks analytical political mind


I have always felt that HH seems to lack an analytical political mind. If he has any then I doubt whether he consults it or not. How can a leader of a big political party fail to recognize that Sunday’s prayers were national and not president Lungu’s prayers? The man missed an opportunity to market himself as a national leader.

Lastin Sikazwe, Ndola


It is M’membe feeling the heat over unpaid taxes


Which heat is Edgar Lungu feeling in Kitwe?  Who is feeling the heat, is it not you Fred M’membe? You squandered our tax payer’s money and you have been asked to pay back. You are feeling the heat that is why you increased the price of your paper to K10 and people have stopped buying it. Why haven’t other papers increased? Do you buy your printing materials from Mars? 

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe