Wynter wrong; RB entitled to house


Wynter Kabimba is being mischivous and out of order for criticising former president Rupiah Banda who has asked for money to build his retirment house as stipulated in the law, National Revolution Party (NRP) Cosmo Mumba has charged.

Commenting on Raibbow Party president Wynter Kabimba’s statement that Mr. Banda was being greedy for claiming his benefits, Dr. Mumba said it was unfortunate that a person of Mr. Kabimba’s calibre could fail to logcally understand constitutional issues.

Mr Banda, he said was seeking for the most expeditious manner of acquiring a house instead of living in rented accommodation, which was costing  the Government more than construction.

He said demonising Mr. Banda over his claims was an insult to the former Head of State and his family because he was demanding for what rightfully belonged to him.

He said it was Zambians who owed Mr. Banda and that the least he expected from them in return was respect and not insults.

“Mr. Banda is entitled to a house just like any other former president and for Mr. Kabimba to start ridiculing in this way is not good. He is a former Head of State who should be given all his entitlements and respect he deserves.

“It is unfortunate that up to now, nothing seems to be done over the same but am sure government is working towards that and for me, it is us Zambians who are at fault because he is entitled to that and so, statements such as these just bring confusion in the country and this is not good,” Dr. Mumba said.

He said there was need for presidents’ entitlements to be settled even before they left office so that they were not subjected to the predicament of chasing after them when they were out of employment.

“In order for these issues not to arise in future, it is important that the presidents’ entitlements are given before their tenure of office ends so that by the time they are out of office, they can occupy their houses which they are entitled to so that such issues don’t arise as they paint a bad picture on how we look after our ex-presidents,” he said.And Dr. Mumba has lambasted TIZ for its attack on Ms. Siliya whom it said should not have been given a ministerial position.

He said the fact that Ms. Siliya had cases in the courts of law which had not yet concluded did not mean that she was guilty and therefore alleging that she did not qualify for a ministerial appointment did not have any legal backing.

“TIZ should understand that according to the constitution of Zambia, every person is treated innocent until proven guilty and so, the fact that Ms. Siliya is facing charges does not mean that she is guilty and so, TIZ got it wrong on that and should stop attacking her unnecessarily because they have no right to challenge the constitution,” he said. Last week, TIZ condemned President Edgar Lungu for appointing Dora Siliya minister when she was still facing criminal charges in court.