Letters to the Editor

Moral vandalism threatens our democracy

What is the Government doing about the moral vandalism that is taking place through reckless and  highly inflammatory media statements?

The language that is being used and the subjects that are being covered show that some people are totally against the current Government. The anger and bitterness shown by sections of the people including clergymen such as Fr. Luonde and Bishop Mambo show that they have an agenda which is against the expressed wishes of the Zambian people.

The people of this country went to the polls as prescribed by the Constitution and elected this Government in office, meaning that they voluntarily chose the people to run the affairs of the country for the period provided for in the law. Why then should there be so much agitation against a people-chosen Government?

The Grand Coalition campaigned against this current Government on the basis of the Constitution. The people disagreed with the coalition and voted this Government into power.

This Government has a mandate of the Zambian people and therefore speaks for them. Why should a collection of people called the coalition for a people-driven Constitution claim to speak for the people, which people?

This vandalism of democratic values is very disheartening as it seems to suggest anarchy and disorder.

Due regard must be given to institutions of governance that have been elected by the people of Zambia. Fr. Chiti and his group must respect the the people’s will.

The people appointed a Government to speak for them, therefore Fr. Chiti and his friends must wait for their time at the elections in order to decide for the people.

For as long they remain as a pressure group, let them accept the fact that there is a Government in place elected by the people to determine the direction of the country. Zambians did not vote for the coalition.

Can the Government act to stop this rot that is growing like a cancer in the media which has no boundaries in the topic and language used.

Unless the Government acts our future is very bleak because the foundations of our democracy will be eroded, as there is no respect for institutions and people that have been put in office.

This vandalism must be stopped for the sake of our country. There must be regard for constitutionalism and respect for leaders because they are appointed by popular mandate, while the noisiest people in the media of one newspaper have never subjected themselves to elections and yet want to speak for the people.

Ferdnand Kaona


Ban of foreigners in chicken and brick industries welcome but…

That Government has banned foreigners from making blocks and rearing chickens in Zambia is welcome but long overdue.

These men and women though they employ a sizeable number of people they have almost succeeded in pushing our local business men and women out of business.

Those engaged in poultry use high technology and produce highly mechanized chickens at a shortest possible time which is detrimental to our health.

These birds are sold at a much lower price at Soweto Market and find themselves at fast food dotted all over the nation.

On the other hand those in block making business, while they produce good quality blocks at lower prices have contributed to land degradation especially in Chongwe where almost every piece of land which not long ago produced a good crop yield has been turned into a barren land for block making factory.

It is now up to our local business men to rise to the occasion and produce high quality blocks, because they (local businessmen) aim at profit maximization and not customer satisfaction.

This ban must also be extended to those foreigners who sell household goods to civil servants, plait hair (masais  fr0m East Africa) and follow them even at work places to collect their dues.

They have no regard to the type of person they deal with.  In short, they have no respect but I wonder why they can’t be stopped at once.

While  Government announced the ban, we are left wondering as to when this ban will take effect. May we see the Government in action and not just pronouncements and then go to sleep.

Concerned citizen.

God will punish Luonde

Remarks by Mr Luonde, former priest of the Anglican Church in Kitwe requesting the next President to cancel the holiday of national prayers as declared by Edgar Lungu, are very offensive and unchristian.

Which man in his normal sense will want to unbind what God has put together?

It is clear that Mr.Luonde had joined the ministry as career and not as a calling from God, and this explains why he is church-less today.

The turn-out for the national prayers across the nation was overwhelming, with some people giving their lives to Christ.

Those that did not observe this important day should walk with their heads low as the Devil and his angels were ashamed.

October 18 will go down into memory lane in Zambia’s history books, and this day next year will fall on a Monday and those not for this idea must report for work.

But Christians should celebrate this holiday fully.

The Bible is clear on such matters; “You will certainly know them by their fruits, they are many wolves wearing sheep’s skins.