Police nab ‘snake man’

The notion that man and snake are not bedfellows was proven untrue yesterday when a 42-year-old resident of Lusaka stunned Zambia Police officers after a live snake came out from under his clothes during a road traffic accident interrogation.

This was after a road traffic accident where Rabson Mkandawire’s  car run over a woman in the early hours of yesterday.

Lusaka Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the incident to the Daily Nation that Mr Mkandawire of 5161 Chazanga Compound was mobbed by members of the general public who later reported the matter to the police.

Ms Katanga said the traffic officers on duty who were supposed to interview Mkandawire over the road traffic accident were startled with the revelation of a snake from Mkandawire’s shirt in what seemed like a defensive move each time the officers tried to touch the man.

“Yes we have a man who was taken to Kabwata Police and even the officers there were reluctant in dealing with the man after a snake appeared from his shirt, which he claims is a spiritual snake.

“I was called to Kabwata and after I insisted to see the snake, he performed some rituals after which the snake came out of his shirt pocket,” he said.

Ms Katanga said Police were still looking for the vehicle that was earlier involved in the accident around 0400hours, which Mkandawire claimed had disappeared, as it was nowhere to be found.

Ms Katanga explained that they were holding Mkandawire for the Road Traffic Accident, otherwise they needed to consult the law on what other charges to slap on him for moving around with a live snake. Earlier, there was commotion at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) casualty ward after word went round that there was a man with a snake around his neck.

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