Todays Text messages

must intervene


Can all those charged with the responsibility of national team player selection get serious and professional by picking natural strikers from the abundant talent Zambia has. It is sad that the national team has for long struggled to find prolific strikers to do a good job up front. Let there be no one to pick players who don’t deserve a place on the pitch.

Mofya M.M, Lusaka



Nawakwi counselled 


Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi should be the last person to criticize the current economic crisis and power deficit the country is passing through because she has failed to provide solutions even when Government, under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, have invited for offer of solutions. Ms Nawakwi was minister of Energy before she was appointed  Finance minister. Why can’t she use her energy qualifications to woo support from the electorate instead of criticizing through insults in the media?

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka



Be fair, balanced  


I wish to support a recent statement by Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili that Radio Phoenix has been turned into a mouthpiece of a named political party. This follows some negative comments by radio announcers at Phoenix and biased remarks especially by one lady and gentleman when on air towards their preferred party. Media houses should avoid doing that so as to have fair and balanced reporting.

JB Zabu, Chilanga




Who will take over from HH?


I would like to find out who will take over UPND in the event that HH loses next year’s general elections among his vice presidents and will he be accepted?





Foreigners take advantage of our laziness


It is absurd for the Government to ban foreigners to sell chickens and blocks because Zambians do not know how to rear chickens and making blocks. We only like to sell sweets on the street. When foreigners come in our country they explore and take advantage of our laziness. Rescind the decision and let them continue for the partnership won’t work.

Roy Joe, Ndola.




Grand Coalition intimidating MPs


The Grand Coalition is cheating itself that it has support of the people. It is wrong for them to threaten members of Parliament that the Grand Coalition will campaign against those who will not support their view of the constitution-making process. They should stop lying to the people of Zambia.




Happy birthday Zambia


As we celebrate our 51st Independence day as a country we need to unite, put our differences aside and work for the good of mother Zambia. This country is blessed by God, hence the peace we are enjoying. Let us not lose this peace that we have. Happy Independence Day Zambia.

WN, Lusaka.



Ignore them, Mr President


Allow me space in your paper to thank His Excellency the President Edgar Lungu for giving us a day of prayer and fasting. We are behind you even though some people are busy denting your name. Don’t mind them because we know where they belong. God cannot allow evil people to rule this Christian nation.