Politicians liable-ZDDM

ZAMBIAN politicians are responsible for the division and tension that the country is going through because of their preoccupation in enhancing differences at the expense of national development, Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has observed.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala has told the Daily Nation that the country was in dire need of useful politicians who had the interest of the people at heart as opposed to those who were only interested in usurping power for their own benefit.

Mr. Sakala observed that some politicians in the country did not inspire the people because of their divisive tendencies which were brewing unnecessary discontentment among the people whom they were misleading with their smear campaigns.

He said politicians in the country needed to rise above unnecessary and petty differences which did not solve the challenges the country was facing.

“Zambian politicians are responsible for the division and tension because of their tendency to identify and maximise negative attributes with a view that that is the only way they would get power.

“Instead of looking at the broader picture of social and economic development, they are preoccupied with finger pointing and identifying problems without offering solutions. I blame selfishness on the part of political parties for what is happening in Zambia. The country doesn’t seem to have a direction because political leaders are busy fighting to serve their own interests,” Mr. Sakala said.

And ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo noted that yesterday’s independence celebrations was a milestone in the country’s history towards unity and peace because it came a week after the country engaged in prayer and fasting initiated by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Kafumbo said ZDDM joined the celebrations to mark 51 years of Zambia’s independence yesterday because the party believed in love, repentance, compassion and forgiveness which had been demonstrated by President Lungu.

“Today (yesterday) is mother Zambia’s 51st birthday. ZDDM joins H E Edgar Lungu, the first family, and indeed the people of Zambia in celebrating this very happy occasion in prayer, repentance, love, compassion, reconciliation and forgiveness.

“As we enter Zambia’s other half of the centenary, ZDDM’s message is that there is need for empowerment of farming investors’ groups in which we need to promote sustainable small-scale peasant farming and entrepreneurship for economic diversification and prosperity,” Mr. Kafumbo said.