Lungu rededicates Zambia to God


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has rededicated Zambia as a Christian nation declaring that he is going to use his privileged elevated position as Head of State to advance the Christian values of the country.

President Lungu said it was shocking that there were some Zambians who were propagating the anti-Christ messages by suggesting that there were other gods apart from the Almighty to which the Christian family submitted itself.

President Lungu said since his election as Head of State in January this year, he had seen and realized that the ways of God were far beyond the ways of man.

Speaking at the ground-breaking for the new Cathedral and Interdenominational Thanks Giving Church in Lusaka’s Woodlands yesterday, President Lungu said he did not have the ambition of ever becoming President but since he had become one he was therefore happy to build an interdenominational church.

The new Cathedral is going to have the capacity of about 75,000 people and it will be built with modern architectural designs.

The Head of State said it was not even in his faintest imagination that he was destined to be the sixth President and he could only give honour and grace to God for his ascendancy to the country’s presidency.

President Lungu advised that leaders at whatever level should never use their positions to protect their ambitions and interests but to dedicate their service to the people and God.

He said he was shocked that suspended Kitwe based Anglican priest Fr Richard Luonde was against the proclamation of 18th October as the day of national prayers and wondered what God the priest was serving to attempt to reject a day in year for the country to seek the face of God.

President Lungu said he was surprised that Fr Luonde had even threatened that a political party in which he was a leader was going to revoke October 18th as the day of national prayers and asked Zambians to judge for themselves what kind of leadership such a political party would provide if they were the anti-Christ.

“The number of believers has increased exponentially and we have become victims of our own spiritual growth. The Anglican Cathedral can no longer accommodate national functions and this generation has the obligation to honour God by building for him a House of worship. It is my desire to consecrate Zambia as a Christian nation.

I therefore reaffirm Zambia as a Christian nation. Since becoming President, I have seen and realized that the ways of God are not the ways of man.

Coming to State House and being President of this great nation was not my idea.  But God brought me here and so I purposed in my heart to honour Him even as David purposed to build a House whose foundation we are laying here today.

I am not ashamed therefore to state that if there is a coincidence of my personal faith and the national faith, i will not shy away from using my elevated place in society to advance my Christianity,” President Lungu said.

He said the new Cathedral was going to be for all Zambians irrespective of their denominations and that it was his hope that the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) shall lead the way in making the cathedral a place for reconciliation, unity and forgiveness.

The Head of State implored Zambians, irrespective of their religious differences and beliefs to preach love and not hatred, peace and not disunity, reconciliation and not conflict.

The President said he was proud to announce that the national day of prayer had received a lot of support from the Christian community, the Moslems and many other faiths and wondered why some section of the media was against the prayers.

He wondered why some newspapers were suggesting that not every believer was a Christian and questioned the editors of such a media house which god they were worshiping.

President Lungu stated that such a media house had no right to proclaim his faith more than he could do himself adding that it was alarming that there could be a sect in the country that could suggest that there were other gods to which Zambians should submit themselves.