Msoni doubts opposition capacity

THERE is no reasonable political party that will remove the Patriotic Front (PF) government singlehandedly in next year’s general elections, All People’s Party president Nason Msoni has said.

Mr. Msoni observed that without working together to form a formidable opposition; chances to remove the PF from Government were not there.

“There is no plausible political alternative to induce regime change without building a proper power block comprising various interest groups and political parties before the next tripartite elections which are scheduled for next year,” he said.

Mr Msoni said regime change without interest groups coming together would not attract Zambians to play a role in the opposition’s quest to win next year’s elections.

“Playing on the assumption that goodwill and common sense among our citizens will prevail at some point is rather leaving too much to chance given the dangerous levels of desperation of the opposition. If you want to play any game and you don’t make rules and rules keep changing when the game has already started, clearly it is a game you are going to lose,” he said.

Mr. Msoni the PF had shown aggressiveness in party mobilisation as they did not want to lose power, adding that they were doing everything possible to remain in Government.

“Our opponents (PF) are clearly aggressive and are in the know on the seriousness and the consequences of losing power and what exactly to expect after losing an election.

We cannot therefore assume that on the basis of goodwill alone from the Zambian voters we can win an election as stand alone political parties. We think that it is rather a little bit too ambitious and risky a route to take. It is not too late to start building blocks and building political consensus towards reinforcing and concertizing for regime change,” he said.

Mr. Msoni warned that in the election next year every vote would count and therefore needless participation by political parties that cannot tilt or change anything in the political equation but just want to participate merely for political expedience would be a waste of time and would totally be irrelevant.

Mr. Msoni said next year’s elections should be based on patriots who loved their country and recognised the urgency needed for regime change and not those who wanted to work alone because of their perception that they were a big political party.