UPND difficult to work with-Monde


IT IS difficult for Government to take development to areas dominated by the United Party for National Development because people in such areas are advised not to support public development projects, says Itezhi Tezhi UPND Member of Parliament Greyford Monde.

He said the bitterness in UPND would not take party president Hakainde Hichilema anywhere in Zambian politics.

Mr Monde said the PF Government had shown commitment to develop Itezhi Itezhi but that the approach the UPND councillors and their leadership have was destructive as it opposed development activities.

“It is all about bitterness from the UPND and that is what has corrupted the people. We have struggled to find money for development activities but there is resistance from people because the UPND leadership doesn’t want the PF to succeed.

‘‘I don’t know the kind of a country UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema wants to find if at all he will ever win and form government,” said Mr. Monde.

He said he did not understand why some UPND members did not want to work with Government if their interest was truly to improve the livelihood of the poor people in the country.

“Mr. Hichilema claims that he has a solution to the high levels of poverty the country is facing, he claims that he has solutions to the load shedding this country is experiencing and he says he can sort out the problems the mining sector is facing, but why can’t he offer those solutions to Government?

‘‘Why is he waiting until the PF leaves office if at all that will ever happen, that is when he will come and change things? HH is bitter and he is going nowhere in our politics,” Mr. Monde said.

Mr. Monde said all genuine Zambians especially those seeking Government should always strive to work towards bettering the nation.

“President Edgar Lungu has embraced everyone because he knows that we are ‘One Zambia One nation’ and that he is President for all. He wants to work hard and develop the country but that has come at a huge cost where people are now working against what the President believes in, just like HH is doing,” he said.


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  1. Kikikikikik! Grey! You want HH to give you his solutions? Actually everything that HH plans to do is already in the public domain- good governance. That is all you need Grey. Not prayers that you don’t even believe in yourself (himself). Maybe Google and you will find volumes and volumes of what good governance means. Other wise use your remaining months as a politician before retirement next year effectively.

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