GBM sees tough times for PF


IT is getting tougher for the Patriotic Front each day and soon President Edgar Lungu will realise that he is left alone in the boat, UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

In an interview, Mr. Mwamba said the writing were clearly written on the wall that most of President Lungu’s cabinet ministers and MPs were not with him as they had crossed into the UPND ahead of next year’s general elections.

Mr. Mwamba said what happened in Mansa was just a sign of what would soon happen in Kasama when the Head of State visits.

And a senior PF central committee member has charged that President Lungu must act now against certain named Ministers who were working against him in Luapula Province because the situation was no longer conducive for the ruling party.

In an interview with the Daily Nation on Saturday, the MCC member who did not want to be mentioned at the moment said it was strange some Constituencies held by Ministers failed to welcome President Lungu.

The MCC member said Mansa had betrayed the PF leadership by failing to turnout in numbers in welcoming President Lungu, who was on a state visit to check on various developmental projects in Lunga and Mwense district.

‘There is need for the PF to rebrand ahead of next year’s elections. There are so many changes that have taken place since the demise of Mr. Sata. It is not an easy task President Lungu has for now to save the PF from being kicked out of government next year. And I have to say that it is not his task alone to win the PF power next year but all members especially sitting MPs,” said the official.

The official said it was however, sad that some PF MPs were not doing anything to mobilize the party in their constituencies, thinking that if President Lungu lost the election next year, the PF would image stronger under a different leader.

‘This is a spirit we need to deal with in the PF as at now. Most of these MPs know that they might not be adopted next year and what they are doing is to frustrate the party mobilisation teams set. They want ukufilila munsenga which should not be the case,” said the official.

President Edgar Lungu in a meeting held at Lukwesa Secondary School with traditional leaders mentioned that for the PF to win next year’s election needed hard work and there was also need for party officials to encourage people to register as voters.

At a rally in Mwense President Lungu said for the PF to return to power they needed to have more people registers as voters like the opposition were doing in their strongholds, adding that he was hopeful that with his visit in the area, things would change.

President Lungu also said he would soon shift State House to Mansa after visiting Copperbelt next week in order to restore confidence in the members in the province.