Post journalists forced to learn socialism


THE Post Newspaper has commenced an indoctrination programme for its journalists and other workers in which it is teaching socialism to propagate and market the Rainbow Party which is pushing a socialist ideology.

Both Post and Rainbow Party sources had confirmed that journa;ists at the newspaper have started attending socialism  lessons at the newspaper’s printing plant in the light industrial area.

The sources told the Daily Nation that Fred M’membe, the owner of the newspaper, had decreed that his journalists should learn socialism.

The sources said journalists  were enraged that Mr M’membe  politely ordered them to commence socialism lessons because, according to the Post Newspaper owner, it was the best ideology in Zambia’s political dispensation.

A query sent to Mr M’membe asking him whether it was true that his journalists were being forced to learn socialism was not responded to.

They said that the journalists were angry that some of the people who were lecturing them were Rainbow Party leaders while others were from the Post Newspaper.

The sources said the journalists were complaining that the newspaper was coercing them to join the crusade of promoting the ideals of the Rainbow Party, adding that they could not refuse because they risked losing their jobs.

They said the Post Newspaper had allegedly sourced ‘‘a lot of money from socialist countries’’, which have allegedly been ploughed into the activities of  the Rainbow Party and that an unwritten policy was that the Rainbow Party should be covered extensively.

They stated that the sponsors of the Rainbow Party and its image builder had accepted the fact that it was virtually impossible for Mr Kabimba to win the 2016 general elections and were therefore targeting the 2021 general elections.

“The journalits really do not know how to say this but they are in very difficult circumstances at the Post. They have been forced to start lessons in socialism and some of them have already started attending. It is nothing but an indoctrination process.

‘‘They meet at the Post printing plant and what is annoying is that some of the people teaching them are Rainbow leaders while others are from the newspaper ‘‘Journalists know that money has been sourced from socialist countries to advance the socialist ideology which the Rainbow Party has adopted.  An editor  just got in the newsroom and informed journalists that those who were interested should start attending socialism lectures at the plant but you know he was not asking them but dictating,” one of the source said.

They disclosed that with the money that had been sourced from socialist countries, the problem of journslists not getting their salaries was likely to be resolved. They explained that the Rainbow Party had already sponsored some of its cadres to some socialist countries to learn party mobilization. The sourcrs said it was ethically incorrect for the Post Newspaper to openly declare its support for a political party. They stated that the agenda was to mount a heavy propaganda campaign against President Edgar Lungu to make sure an opposition political party other than the Rainbow won the 2016 general elections.

“The agenda is very clear and you know that United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has no space in the Post apart from his MPs and other party officials.

‘‘They also know that Mr Kabimba cannot win the 2016 general elections so the propaganda is such that President Lungu must be fiercely fought so that an opposition political party can form government next year,” the sources said.