Todays text messages

Do not be misled by men of God over ARVs


Prophet Potipher Tembo should not mislead people who are taking ARVs by telling them to stop taking their medicine. What should happen is that the sick people must be prayed for and healed prior to being put on ARVs and they should test negative. The ministry of health must keep a track record of people who have been made to abandon ARVs and should they die in future because they were misled, such prophets must be brought to book. They should not capitalize on the vulnerability of the unenlightened members of their churches.

CN, Kitwe




Just why should we vote for HH?


The people who are saying the PF has failed without clearly mentioning what they are going to do differently to improve the economy is just opportunism. Tell us how you are going to raise money to implement your programs and which programs for that matter. What kind of taxes are the citizens going to face under your regime that will inspire growth and buying power of the citizens? Tell us Mr HH what will inspire us to vote for you otherwise don’t come and cry foul.





M’membe paying for his sins


M’membe in his paper is flinging insults at President Lungu in a resentful, perfunctory way just because Edgar Lungu reminded him to pay back taxpayers money. M’membe is a victim of his own scheming. His disappointment over Sata’s successor has poisoned his heart letting bitterness take root in his heart on PF that he was once giving empty flatter every day in his newspaper.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe





Disruption of wreaths laying by CBU students uncivilized


Whoever instructed those shallow minded CBU students who disrupted the laying of wreaths in Kitwe must ensure that he takes the responsibility of paying for all that Government has withdrawn from the students. The behaviour they exhibited was both uncalled for and uncivilized.

Micky, Lusaka





HH and his UPND will not fool Zambians


I appeal to Zambians not to be fooled by HH and his UPND party that they are the best alternative to PF in 2016. Examples are many to the contrary, for instance Kenya is undergoing worse off economic problems yet the President in charge is both a successful businessman and an economist just like HH. It all shows that no one can boast of changing things for the better when there is global economic slowdown which has affected many countries. So Zambians wake up. “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”

Moses Muleya, Mazabuka





M’membe enemy of God for refusing to pay taxes


M’membe’s paper headline “Things are not right”,. How can things be right when M’membe willfully failed to pay tax? He is one of the factors adding to more poverty levels in this country. How can things be right? Stop this kind of hypocrisy by your actions you are an enemy of God and you must be punished.






CBU students do not deserve sympathy


There is no any well-meaning Zambian who can support the CBU student’s riotous behavior during the Independence Day cerebrations. These are people who are supposed to reason properly, honestly how can you demonstrate on such an important day. Some of those students need to be caged, they are a danger to society.

Milimo John, Lusaka