Security wings in accommodation bonanza


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the Patriotic Front Government wants to resolve the many challenges men and women in uniform are facing in the provision of decent and habitable accommodation.

And President Lungu has warned AVIC International against shoddy works, saying the US$320 million housing scheme was close to his heart and he would time and again personally inspect the project before March next year when the first 48 housing units are expected to have been built.

Speaking during  the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of 2,350 housing units (phase one)  project by AVIC International Construction Company in Chelstone police compound yesterday, President Lungu said a motivated police force was best for the country’s security.

“The expending of this colossal amount of money on the project


indeed signifies Government’s relentless efforts to modernizing our security wings. To our officers, men and women in uniform let me urge you to ensure prevention of any possible vandalism on the housing units which will be constructed.

‘‘I believe that this massive investment should enhance your effectiveness.  Your Government is providing these services at a great cost to the country as already alluded to.  Therefore, the people of Zambia expect improved performance from you in your execution of duties and maintenance of the facilities and equipment put at your disposal,” he said. He said his Government was determined to resolve many problems men and women in uniform have been experiencing for a long time by beginning with the construction of housing units which was in a deficit of over 15,000 countrywide.

President Lungu said he was aware and concerned that lack of decent accommodation was a problem which was not only been experienced by men and women in uniform but also the people of Zambia in general and that his Government was determined to find a solution to it.

President           Lungu said decent and proper housing units helped to motivate officers, whose services were critical to the stability of the country’s security.

“As your Commander-in-Chief I also expect a change in your operational efficiency. A highly disciplined cadre of officers can be seen in the care and maintenance of the equipment, facilities and infrastructure provided by my Government.

‘‘You are all called upon to ensure regular maintenance of the houses. Zambia has continued attracting foreign investment because of the stability of this country and this is owed to you men and women in uniform.You have dedicated yourselves to ensure that this country is stable, there is peace and stability. So you must realise that your role in the development of this country is immeasurable,” he said.

And Minister of Home Affairs Davis Mwila said 1,454 houses out of the 2,350 will be built in the first phase.

Mr. Mwila said 48 houses would be built at Chelstone, while others would be in other areas.

AVIC vice president Gong Jiayan said it was a great opportunity to have been awarded a contract by the Zambian Government and that they would not disappoint the Government and the people of Zambia.