Fr Bwalya for national prayer house


THE decision by President Edgar Lungu to build a national prayer house and foregoing the presidential retirement house is a demonstration that he is committed to serving Zambians rather than self-interest, Frank Bwalya has said. 

Fr Bwalya observed that the house would bring the Zambian people together and signify their faith in God.

He urged Zambians to commend President Lungu for his timely plan, adding that he had proved to be a selfless leader who had a heart for the Zambian people.

“The plan by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to build a national prayer house after foregoing his right to build him a retirement house shows that he possesses the wisdom of the biblical King David.

“King David always desired to build a house for the Lord but failed to do so earlier due to lack of peace on the borders of his kingdom as well as internal power struggles,

“ Hence when his kingdom enjoyed relative peace and stability he decided to prioritize the building of the House of God, the temple. Fr. Bwalya said”. Fr. Bwalya said the plan by President Lungu to build the national prayer house should be understood as the fulfilment of a long standing desire for the country to have in an inter-denominational house of prayer.

He recalled that the President’s decision was an achievement of late President Dr Frederick Chiluba’s aspiration of building a national cathedral when he declared Zambia as a Christian Nation in 1991.

“Similarly late President Dr Frederick Chiluba would have liked to build a national cathedral as a way of consummating the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation but he left power and later died without doing it,” he said.

Fr. Bwalya noted that the national prayer house would serve as a national cathedral that would be a sign that God dwells among the Zambia people.

He called on Zambians to continue praying for President Lungu so that he could remain faithful to his faith to govern Zambia in line with Christian teaching and way of life.

“The body of Christ in Zambia should continue surrounding our Head of State and ensure that he doesn’t depart from the path of righteousness. All God fearing Zambians should encourage President Lungu to continue living an exemplary life characterised by Christian charity, he said.

Fr. Bwalya further assured Zambians that God would handsomely reward President Lungu and the nation at large in the manner he rewarded those who erect holy structures to make the presence of God visible among his people.

“We should all expect an outpouring of grace upon our nation, he said.