Letters to the Editor

Are they students or criminals?

It is disappointing that while both Government and the parents are doing everything possible to improve the prospects of a successful future for the youths through the provision of quality education, students at institutions of higher learning are busy throwing stones and damaging property instead of doing research on what is obtaining on the ground in terms of the field they are in.

I think it is a misnomer to call them students; the suitable term to use on them is criminals.

What these characters should realize is that what they do today will affect them tomorrow.

There is no company in the world that can give a job to a known lumpen, late alone a contract in case of those who will decide to do business as entrepreneurs.

Do these human beings know that the people they inconvenience when they block roads are the same people who fund their education through taxes?

No wonder we now have graduates who can’t even write an application letter, most of them can hardly read. They spend time drinking beer.

It is for that reason that politicians with money like GBM and HH together with their MPs just dish out money for beer on condition that they take to the street in order to cause confusion hoping that the people of Zambia will turn against the democratically elected government.

Let me warn both the students and the UPND leadership that what they are doing is tantamount to economic sabotage because when they block roads, motorists get to productive work late.

Further, the public get annoyed with them and their sponsors. If the students were intellectuals, they would realize that there is no leadership in UPND, good leaders are not interested in causing confusion, but  are interested in the welfare of the young people.

Anyone who abuses the youths for political mileage is a misfit in society. The students must wake up; they ought to be preparing for leadership so that they use their skills to take the country to higher heights.  What is annoying is that these people don’t understand that to government, they are a priority at the expense of other pressing needs of society.

Students in civilised countries are serious stakeholders in as far as development is concerned.

I’m confident that with constant parental guidance, our brothers and sisters at institutions of higher learning will realize their role and say no to being used as pawns in political survival of some irrelevant opposition political parties.

Enock Chulu,



Fr Luonde is like a Chinese Emperor

It’s documented in Chinese history of a Chinese Emperor that had during his reign forsook  God, and worshiped an effigy, and routinely mocked “Jehovah”, but sooner he was struck to death by the Almighty God in broad day light, in view of his followers.

Fr Luonde too is mocking our creator with his offensive sentiments that the next Zambian President should cancel the holiday of National Prayer declared by President Edgar Lungu. He is being unchristian.

The “halo” that appeared and circled the sun on 18th October, 2015, which was a day of national prayers and fasting could only have been created by God and not a normal rainbow as perceived by non-believers.

Our Head of State cries for Zambia and was heard, may the good Lord give him more wisdom to run this country, and bring us together as a One Zambia One Nation.

This is important for Zambians to continue enjoying the peaceful environment that which disgruntled people, like the cartel wants to take advantage of it.

And since Zambia was declared a Christian Nation, it was the first time that a republican President has ever declared a day of national prayers and fasting, and a strange thing happened by way a miracle in my opinion.

I may wish to ask the non-believers of this country that Moslems across the world travel Meccas each for prayers, while at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome the Pope often conducts masse, and yet from both Mecca and Vatican no strange thing has ever happened, as was the case in Zambia; that of which God answered our prayers.

It must be a big shame to some of our clergy who are in the habit of insulting President Lungu. Mr Lungu is a man of God and he has been chosen to rule Zambia.

In Bemba, we would say to this clique or pagans that “Mulinkulungwe Mwalya umwaka umo” , meaning that by mocking God their days on this earth could be numbered.

They will be struck by God like the late Chinese Emperor of ancient China.

Please give the President the credit he deserves, and where it is due. In Zambia we shall not allow for gay rights, Guru form of worship or the masons to take charge of Zambia in 2016 elections.

President Lungu has unleashed a tramp card from the sleeves through the established “Tabernacles” laying of foundation stone, accounting for the opposition to go into disarray or oblivion.

Bryan F. Nkamba


Diplomatic relations with Israel defended

Allow me to talk about certain fundamentals I have noticed concerning the Body of Christ in Zambia.

Firstly is the lack of response to the recently announced Zambia’s new diplomatic relations with Israel which I strongly believe is a direct result of ignorance of scripture.

If we were to ask a few basic questions about whether the preservation of the Jewish race up to today and the recreation of the state of Israel in 1948 are of any importance or significance to the Christian Church, we would find the majority of men and women of faith are blissfully unaware of what is going on.

This is one way in which the Church has lost touch with the happenings in world.

Then there is the lack of response which comes from low interest in media at large. Few men and women of God read any newspapers, and those who do will read with partisan interest.

Many in fact read only ‘opposition’ papers. So sad that believers are like Zambians in general: they read to pass academic examinations.

Thirdly, partisanship has ruined the standing of the Church, especially among Evangelical Christians. Pastors are aligned to one political party or the other.

In the past elections, some have proclaimed a particular person to be the next president and seen their prophecies yield nothing. While some pastors choose to get close to either government or the opposition only for monetary gain.

A direct outcome of this is that few Christians are able to apply their faith to real issues of earthly life. For the majority, faith is about Sunday or Saturday in brick buildings, more so, them being the only true Church.

May God help us find a way to deal with this.

God richly bless Zambia, God bless Israel.

Mukuka Chilufya


Innocent Kalaluka is innocent

The letter by ‘Soccer Fan’ (Daily Mail, Friday, October 23, 2015) in which Innocent Kalaluka was ‘judged’ guilty for using “wele” during football commentaries, can’t pass without further comment.

‘Soccer Fan’ should have provided more ‘faults’ before pronouncing Innocent  ‘guilty’ on one ‘flimsy charge’.

As we listen to football commentaries,  we get informed, get educated and, above all, get entertained.

During a live TV broadcast what viewers need is the name of the player with the ball.

Viewers also need some background information on what’s going on. This may be on players, teams, match officials and the affected rules of the game.

Both Innocent and Franklin Tembo Jr are doing fine. ZNBC management should just encourage them to do a lot of research so that during a commentary session they are knowledgeable enough to utter relevant details.

No one is perfect. ‘Soccer Fan ‘ says we had good TV commentators like Frank Mutubila. But even Frank had weaknesses.

Just count the number of times he used the phrase ‘you know’ in his utterances. The late great Dennis Liwewe would shout ‘over the bar’ yet the ball was still in play.

Language is dynamic. Language is created.  There’s nothing seriously wrong with Innocent shouting ‘wele’ when a goal is scored considering his target audience.

‘Soccer Fan’ should spare time to listen to South American commentators and hear what they say when a goal is scored.

The so called  ‘standards’ should not hinder our commentators from bringing in a bit of animation in their commentaries.