Todays text messages

Masebo a liar


This is for Ho. Sylvia Masebo, please madam Masebo do not fool Zambians with your lies. You are the same person who betrayed RB in MMD, Sata in PF and now you want to betray HH. Zambians should watch out for political prostitutes.

MJ, Lusaka .



HH should forget ruling Zambia  


HH is claiming popularity in PF strongholds yet he is asking for a merger with other oppositions. That is self-contradiction, helplessness, desperation and vulnerability. HH does not need a merger to win. He is repulsive in Lusaka and Copperbelt. If Edgar Lungu is unwanted there, then it is worse off for HH. He has failed to give us solutions because he is self-centered. He is interested only in making a name for himself. He will never be president of Zambia because during this heat, he is busy working out his balance sheets and income.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe.




UPND should go it alone


How many times is HH going to ask for fellow opposition parties to work together when he is greedy? With his State House appetite the UPND cannot work together with other parties because he always wants to be on top of others; that cannot work. The UPND should just go alone and lose nicely in 2016 because he knows very well that PF with Edgar Lungu means no jokes. Why not try Wynter Kabimba with his losing Rainbow party?

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.



ZESCO should explain new tariffs


I believe Zesco are not being open when they say there will not increase residential tariffs up to 500 kWh. What about fixed monthly charges from K18.23 to K54.88 Try to be clearer.

Donald MK, Lusaka.



Lungu God-sent leader


It is now abundantly clear that all those opposed to the leadership of President Edgar Lungu have only a personal score to settle. The Head of State has opened his doors publicly and has indicated that he is willing to listen. Why the bitterness? I think Lungu is our God-sent leader. Long live the God fearing and humble president.

Mofya MM, Lusaka.



Probe Kabimba over

Trafigura oil scandal


Kabimba must be investigated over the Trafigura scandal because at that time ACC could not investigate him because he was the most powerful man in this nation. The man stormed investigators offices without a trace of shame and superimposed himself for mock probing. If ACC is dragging its feet (for obvious reasons), private investigators should come in. If found wanting, prosecutors must expedite to send Kabimba to jail.




Who needs a witchdoctor?


The allegations by HH that President Lungu has invited witchdoctors from Malawi is laughable. Who is supposed to seek the help of a witchdoctor?

DC, Lusaka.



Opposition merger



Those in the opposition should start thinking of working together ahead of the 2016 general elections. This will avoid splitting of votes but the problem is everyone wants to lead. We can only have one leader at a given time. Let us learn to work together for the good of this country and not thinking that you are best.

Patriotic Zambian.