‘Don’t judge me,’ sings ZaYellowman


By Terence Miselo

He has been on the music scene long enough to command a following. His passion, dedication and commitment to using his talent to communicate to people through music is what keeps him stronger and his vocal abilities will just prove to you that Za Yellowman as he is famously known is a gifted artist.

This was witnessed during an independence show held at Sir Gonda Lodge where Za Yellowman was the main act.

Although  his appearance will capture you more than his music, Za Yellowman who is a highly sociable person that made his musical début appearance in early 2000s, says people should not judge him by his looks because we are all different. He said this in an interview to explain his challenges as an albino, a thing which he says does not really affect his career.

“ We are all different in a way though I am just very different. I know when people look at me they judge me. Because of this, I set up a campaign to just help people know that albinos are also normal people and should not be judged,” he says revealing that to this effect, he composed a song dubbed, ‘Don’t Judge me’ to help sensitise the public.

And Za Yellowman wowed the audience at Sir Gonda with his humour and music acts. His rich collection especially the songs  ‘ Ninasanka Neka’ and ‘ You are the best’ were repeatedly performed to suit the demand from the audience. He also went further to sing some parts on most popular songs he has been featured. He was most of the times crowded on stage by people wanting to touch and dance with him.

He pledges to continue doing what he does best, music.