Economic Indaba necessary-ZDDM



The economic future of the country must be subjected to a national indaba, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has said.

ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo said there was need for President Edgar Lungu to call for a national economic Indaba so that political parties and technocrats could brainstorm on what needed to be done to improve the economy of the country. Mr. Kafumbo said he was optimistic that holding a national Indaba soon after having a day of national prayers and fasting would yield positive results since Zambians had reconciled and agreed to move forward inspite of the previous differences.

He said President Lungu should not be distracted by doomsayers politicians who were always shunning important national events and call for a meeting that would not only unify leaders of political parties but also seeks to find solutions to many challenges facing the nation.

Mr Kafumbo said President Lungu has been exemplary in his leadership and that his vision for the country should be complemented by all Zambians who wanted their country to move forward by accepting to dialogue with government since the Head of State embraced productive ideas from all Zambians. “We call upon the president to call for a national Indaba where we can all come together and dialogue and find solutions to the problems that are facing the country. The solutions to the problems we have as a country cannot only be found by those who are in government alone but by all of us. This is supposed to be a collective fight where we all put our heads together as politicians from various parties together with technocrats in various fields,” Mr. Kafumbo said.

He said that ZDDM would always be there to provide guidance to government whenever called upon and will not take an antagonistic approach especially on issues that bordered on national unit and development.

He challenged some opposition political party leaders who were shunning engagements in national events to tell the nation what they stood for since they allegedly seemed to be content with the suffering of the Zambians, yet claiming that they had solutions which they failed to share with the government of the day.

“For us as ZDDM, we are more than ready to be part of the group that would work together to identify solutions to our challenges because we believe that it is critical for us to put our differences aside and direct our energies to finding solutions. As an opposition political party, we are happy with what the president is doing where he has kept an open-door policy to all when it comes to issues of national interest.

“For those who want to be antagonistic; let them be. The president cannot manage to plead for people who do not want to work together. This is a lesson to all Zambians going into next year’s elections that some of these politicians who are promising them a heaven-on-earth actually don’t mean well for them. Their preoc cupation is to usurp power and nothing else,” he said.