Make State House Accessible



Government leaders should ensure that State House remains open to anyone who wants to see the Head of State, Mazabuka Central Member Garry Nkombo advised.

He also said there was need to  reduce security escort vehicles to cut on expenditure

He said this in Parliament when the house was debating the State House budget for 2016

And Kalomo member of Parliament Request Mutanga urged State House to control the use of funds because the budget might offshoot following general election next year. Mr Mutanga said there was need for prudency in expenditure. And Mr Mutanga said President Lungu must protect each and every Zambian because that was what he swore as opposed to what was happening to the issuance of NRCs.

He said President Lungu should also ensure that every minister did his or her work professionally.

In response, acting leader of Government business in parliament Yamfwa Mukanga assured Members of Parliament that State House would not offshoot the 2016 budget allocation once approved by parliament.

Mr Mukanga said State House and the Office of the Vice President would operate within allocated budget after Parliament approved the allocations. “We shall ensure financial prudence when handling the finances,” Mr Mukanga said.

Mr Mukanga said the Head of State was accessible to every Zambian who wanted to see him.

He said government would not reduce the number of security for President Lungu for security reasons. Mr Mukanga said the same opposition members of parliament who were against President Lungu’s security details had party presidents who had more security cars for their leaders than the head of State. “We shall do everything possible to protect the president,” he said.

But opposition UPND Senenga Member of Parliament Likando Mufalali urged government to ensure that they employed qualified people at State House.

Mr Mufalali said employing qualified people at Stat House would ensure protection of its image.

He said State House staff must improve the manner in which the handle themselves and avoid scandals.

In his response, Mr Mukanga said appointment of State House staff was the prerogative of the Head of State.

He said the President had the privileges of appointing any person whom he felt was the right person for job.