NRP vice president fired

NATIONAL Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has fired his second vice president for administration Chilufya Tembo for allegedly working with opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

But Mr. Tembo has described his sacking as an academic exercise and that he would remain in his position because Dr. Mumba had no power to fire any senior official from the party without laid down procedure.

Dr. Mumba told the Daily Nation that Mr. Tembo was fired allegedly because of gross misconduct.

He said Mr. Tembo was relieved of his duties so that he could concentrate on his newly found working relationship with the UPND.

“I have with immediate effect fired my second vice president Mr. Tembo for gross misconduct. It has come to our attention that this man has been working with the UPND for a long time now and that is why I have decided to relieve him of his duties because he has become a security danger, not only to the party, but the nation at large,” Dr. Mumba said.

Mr. Tembo’s position has been taken up by Lusaka-based businessman, Sinde Phiri, who was until yesterday, the party’s national youth chairman.

But Mr. Tembo has challenged Dr. Mumba’s decision to fire him from his position saying it had no blessings from the National Executive Committee as it was just a personal decision which did not reflect the wishes of the party.

He vowed that he would never vacate his office because he had not been served with any notice that he was fired.

“Tell Dr. Mumba that Iam still the second vice president for administration because he has no power to fire anyone, let alone a senior party official like me. I have not received any correspondence from the NEC and as far as the constitution is concerned, such a decision to fire me should have followed the rightful procedure. Dr. Mumba should have proposed for my dismissal and the NEC should have brought out the issue for consideration and final decision should have been made.

“Since the provisions of the party constitution were not followed, that decision is null and void and I will continue working in my capacity as second vice president for administration,” Mr. Tembo said.

He said he had never at any time associated with the UPND adding that he received his purported suspension with shock.

“I have never worked with any other party apart from NRP which I have served fervently and aligning me to the UPND is unfortunate. Even if the NEC will rectify Dr. Mumba’s decision, I will engage lawyers to fight against this,” he said.