Politics have compromised civil service-VJ

THE civil service professionalism has been compromised by the appointment of poorly trained, ill-prepared and undisciplined political party cadres as civil servants, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has observed.

He said the appointment of politically inclined permanent secretaries, directors and other senior civil servants into the public services had over the years lowered the moral and motivation among career public service officers.

Dr Mwaanga said in a statement yesterday that the politicizing of the civil service had resulted in inefficiency in the public service and reduction in the delivery of public services in the country.

He observed that while citizens had some control on elected officers and leaders by voting and many other ways, public servants were of the wrong notion that they were only responsible to their political masters and not to the general public.

Dr Mwaanga stated that political party cadres in the civil service were often scared of losing their jobs and privileges if they did not please their political masters stating that the resultant effect of such ineptitude had been that both the civil servants and their masters had ended up in the courts of law or even jail for failing to observe general orders, rules, regulations and the ministerial code of conduct.

He said successful and efficient governance systems the world over were priding themselves of having responsive and accountable public civil service systems which effectively delivered to citizens and guarded against abuse of authority and corruption because of a professional and disciplined civil service.

Dr Mwaanga explained that a professional and disciplined civil service was a catalyst for proper execution of government policies and decisions which he said often provided open, transparent and open public service systems.

“Citizens have the right to expect public service delivery and must therefore have avenues of lodging complaints against the performance of public servants and obtaining remedies. The public has some control over elected officials by voting and many other ways but public servants are of the wrong notion that they are only accountable to their political masters. They fear that if they do not please their masters, they will be removed from office. This has compromised the civil service and the net result  has been that at times both the public servants and their political masters end up in courts or even in jail for failing to observe government general orders, rules and regulations and ministerial handbooks which are given to Ministers upon appointment so that they understand the dividing lines between them and public servants,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He explained that responsiveness and accountability of the public service to citizens often promoted trust and confidence in the civil service.

Dr Mwaanga observed that each time there was a change in government or the presidency; there had always been panic and confusion in the civil service as the new leadership could make changes at various levels while the public service struggled to adjust to the new changes.

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