Shakafuswa chased out of Parliament


DEPUTY Speaker of the National Assembly Mukondo Lungu yesterday chased Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa out of Parliament after he accused him of being biased towards the ruling party whenever granting points of orders.

The incident happened after Mr Shakafuswa’s failed attempt to raise a point of order while Nalikwanda MMD Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa was on the floor debating the national budget.

Mr Lungu who was sitting as chairman of the committee of supply on estimates refused to grant the point of order.

It was at this point that Mr Shakafuswa in his running commentary accused Mr Lungu of always being biased towards the ruling party.

“I can order you to get out. In fact, get out for the rest of the day,” Mr Lungu.

But Mr Shakafuswa was also not done with the chair and retorted that he did not mind being sent out of the House for a month as he picked up his documents and left.

“I don’t mind being chased for the whole month!” Mr Shakafuswa responded.

Earlier, Mr Lungu allowed points of order to be raised from MMD Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu and his Shiwangandu counterpart Steven Kampyongo.

Immediately, Dr Kaingu raised a point of order, Mr Lungu announced that he would not allow any more points of order to be raised as that of  Dr Kaingu was the last one.